New Landscape painting with Non toxic oil paints

Here is a new landscape, well actually more of a seascape that I just painted with oils on canvas. It is 16″ x 16″ x 1.5.

I have finally taken the leap from my beloved acrylics to use some oils however being the health enthusiast that I am there was no way I was going to use all the toxic thinners and mediums that are usually associated with oils.

I used Holbein’s duo aqua water soluble oil paints and I used walnut oil as a medium with this new landscape painting – the only downside being it takes forever to dry.

I am so used to applying acrylic varnish the next day when I use acrylics and the suggested time to varnish with oils is 6 – 9 months after painting which seems completely unmanageable to me.

I did love the feel and workability of these oils with the walnut oil. I often work with my fingers and the lusciousness and feeling of these were gorgeous and I love using the palette knife and impasto work. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece and hope you enjoy it too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND HAPPY PAINTING IN 2012 in whatever medium is enjoyable to you.
Commit to Living Your Passion and Following Your Dreams for 2012. Give Yourself Permission to do this. Decide to make this the most wonderful year for yourself and those that you love.
I wish you the most wonderful healthy, joyous, prosperous and happy 2012. From my heart to yours.

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