Two Beautiful New Landscapes from Chris Cozen

Landscape by Chris Cozen

This is a gorgeous new landscape from talented artist Chris Cozen. She writes on her blog here entitled “Landscapes from my mind…” “It doesn't matter if it won't rain in Southern California for another 6 months, because if I want rain or a storm, I can paint one!”. Well said Chris, that is one of the many joys about creating that you can make it however you choose – sunny, cloudy, hazy or whatever may happen as you paint.

Chris's lines and spaces and colors in this landscape are a beautiful marriage of soft and strong, bright and subtle, bold and gentle just hinting at the vista. Her second abstract landscape is quite different in composition and color however still has the elements of suggestion of the terrain and is also has a tranquil and peaceful energy that this is a place where you would be happy to go to in your dreams.



Landscape by Chris Cozen

I have taken two of Chris's classes and learnt so much from her and thought these abstracts were so beautiful I wanted to share them with you. ENJOY. Thank you Chris.

To learn more about Chris please visit her blog Artful Thinking at


2 thoughts on “Two Beautiful New Landscapes from Chris Cozen”

  1. Hi Vanessa, I too have taken classes with Chris and Julie. Love these two landscapes by Chris! I have recently discovered abstract painting and enjoy it a great deal. It is quite freeing! Your abstracts are fabulous! :)

    1. Dear Cathy, So glad you have had the opportunity to work with Chris. She is amazing. It is wonderful you are now creating abstracts – how exciting! And thank you for your kind words. Abstracts are a deep passion for me. Thanks for taking the time to connect.

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