What to consider when you purchase art work

So brilliantly said by Rebekah Joy Plett and so appreciated and so true.

It is a very interesting journey creating art and then putting it out for the world to see and baring your soul. The doubts, the fear, the blocks, and the frustrations. Hopefully there is much joy too. Then after all that there is the marketing. You can have wonderful works in your studio and no-one knows about them so in order to publish your work you need to also master the Internet, be able to create a website and a blog, list your works on various sites, master SEO, set up purchasing options etc. After all that you still may not be found and might choose to engage in social networking. Oh my with all that going on when might you have time to paint!

I am not saying the above because I feel sorry for myself or other artists – far from it – if you wish to be a successful artist you are a business and you need to take the steps to promote your business and conduct yourself in a professional business manner just like any other business.

Making a good living as an artist is another area altogether. You hear of paintings from well known, usually deceased, artists selling for millions and it has been found that artwork is one of the best investments you can make however the struggling artist perception is more often a reality than not. Many artists add to their income with teaching and other jobs or they might have the cushion of a financially successful partner.

When I was younger I was under the illusion that I would be discovered! Ha too funny! I am sure this happens to a few people however this is usually about who you know and connections.

Like any business you need to become adept at all aspects of your business and be fearless and just go for it or as Nike says “Just do it”. For me it is an honor and a privilege to create and have the opportunity to share my work and I am so grateful to anyone that takes the time to view my work and it is my hope that I can share some joy.

If you see an artists work online that you like it would be wonderful if you would take the time to like or comment on it. That just might make that artist's day and mean so much to them. Supporting the arts is so vital – just imagine our world without art! Choosing original art to hang on your walls keeps artists creating and hopefully brings you enormous pleasure. It is now more affordable than ever to buy original art.

Have you purchased original art or been to an artists studio? What do you think? Comment below


2 thoughts on “What to consider when you purchase art work”

  1. Thanks for the personal note. Could you make a video of you painting from start to finish ?
    I would love to watch you.

  2. Thanks Jean,
    Glad you enjoyed the post. A video – hmmm, I will bear that in mind – I have thought about it – we will see, no promises! Thanks for connecting.

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