What are you waiting for to live your dream? Just make it happen!

It has been my dream for a long time now to move my painting studio into my retreat but I was afraid and wondered if I could justify it to myself and my husband. When I saw this little picture online it really hit me – what am I waiting for? Why am I not just going for it? I do not want to be confined in a box, not now, not ever! Of course the only person getting in my way was Me! When I shared my dream with my husband, he immediately said “Why not”. It is truly wonderful to have such a supportive partner.

So I did it – I took the plunge to move my painting studio into the retreat. Previously I was in the main formal living room and I was inhibited in my creativity because I was conscious and afraid of making a mess. I like to paint wet, juicy with spray bottles and running paint and I did end up splattering the walls and the floor. The light was not ideal there either.

This was a big decision as I had previously used the retreat which has its own private entrance of two double french doors off my front courtyard as a treatment room for my clients. As a nutritionist, Repetitive Use Injury Specialist and an Esthetician as my past training and professions I still saw a few clients regularly which was a welcome additional income. I had created the most beautiful sanctuary like space and my clients loved it.

Purple Mountain Flower by Vanessa Katz ©2012. 30 x 40 x 1.5″ Acrylic and powdered pigments on gallery wrapped canvas

Well I sold my equipment, my specialized massage table – very expensive stationery table and purchased a portable table so I can still go to a few client’s homes and now I have the most incredible room to paint in with amazing light. Once it cools down I can have the french doors open. I can now make a mess, listen to my music without disturbing my husband’s business calls and not be disturbed. What freedom and what bliss.

The room I used to paint in has been all cleaned up with the walls repainted (to cover up my splatter!!) and is now the most beautiful gallery where collectors can view and purchase my works and take tea – I am English after all!!
I am installing a gallery hanging system using cables so I do not have to make holes in the wall and it is coming along very nicely.

Hidden by Vanessa Katz ©2012. 24 x 24 x 1.5″ Acrylic and gold leaf on gallery wrapped canvas

These two canvases in this post are the first two canvases to be created in my new studio. This is a very large landscape and although very tranquil it is full of many vibrant colors and in the abstract “Hidden” the gold leaf creates depth and richness and reflects light changing the painting depending what time of day and how the light catches the canvas.

Hidden – Detail 1

So I am one happy contented artist with my dream studio and gallery and feel so very grateful and excited. I waited a long time – through fear and doubt. What are you holding back on through fear or other reasons? What would you love to do and what is stopping you? Please share below

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