Vibrant Abstract Tree Landscape For Sale Online by Vanessa Katz


Blossom by Vanessa Katz © 2013

This is a new dot tree fresh out of my studio. She measures 22 x 26 inches and is created with acrylic and earth pigments on Fabriano watercolor paper. She is very colorful an vibrant with dynamic energy and is available for purchase online at my main site

I am thrilled to let you know that you can now purchase most of my works directly via Paypal or credit card from my site. I am working hard so that all works can be purchased with a few clicks making it effortless. Shipping and insurance within the United States is included in the price. Shipping anywhere else will need to be discussed and quoted for – so just call or email me for that. Always call me if you are one of my VIP collectors and have purchased from me before.


I just posted this to my Facebook page as I just love this and it reminds me why I named this blog “Right To The Soul”. I wanted the blog to be about art that effects you right to your soul, and other subjects too, but primarily ART, I am an artist afterall! To me that is all art is about, LOVE – when you see a piece that you absolutely love and it touches your soul. When you place that piece in your home every time you lay eyes upon it, your soul is moved.

Many of my collectors have shared with me that my work makes them happy and brings them joy. This is the greatest compliment to me and fulfils my goal that if I can bring a little extra happiness and joy (= love) into people's lives then that is truly wonderful and makes a difference.

So thank you Pablo Picasso for the above – it is so true and so beautiful – anything that nourishes our souls is so important and necessary in our stressful lives. It could be a piece of art, a yoga class, giving yourself time to meditate, a special outing with a loved one, visiting a museum, creating something yourself, watching your child sleep, your dog playing or a beautiful sunset.

What have you done this week to nourish your soul? How have you loved yourself more? Make sure you take time to nourish yourself on every level and love yourself wildly ♥

Please share in the comments below how YOU nourish your soul?


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