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Live Life With No Regrets

I was so moved by this article written by a nurse about the most common regrets that people experience on their deathbed and thought it was so important to pass it on so that we the living could learn from the dying how to live our lives now.

Be who you are and not what others want or expect you to be. Do what you love. If you have dreams to sing, dance, paint, write poetry or learn to fly a plane, write a novel – whatever it is – do not put those dreams on hold – start acting on your dreams today.

Woman’s Best Friend, Love and Inspiration

So here I am at the very first day of a New Year sitting in a chair with my 3.5 lb yorkie lying on her back in my lap – I am in heaven and she is in heaven.

I feel so grateful to be surrounded by “Mans Best Friend” and of course I am a woman so “Woman’s Best Friend” and I have four of them. The first picture is my yorkie Mango and we are both attached at the hip. She sits on my desk in a basket when I work and the other picture is Teddy – short for Theodore – or as we sometimes call him TheoDorable and he is a Yorkie Poo.

New Landscape painting with Non toxic oil paints

Here is a new landscape, well actually more of a seascape that I just painted with oils on canvas. It is 16″ x 16″ x 1.5.

I have finally taken the leap from my beloved acrylics to use some oils however being the health enthusiast that I am there was no way I was going to use all the toxic thinners and mediums that are usually associated with oils.

I used Holbein’s duo aqua water soluble oil paints and I used walnut oil as a medium with this new landscape painting – the only downside being it takes forever to dry.