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My Art and Creativity Crippled by Fear and Doubt

For many years I did not paint – I was afraid that it would not turn out the way I wanted, it would not be good enough, that I would make a mistake. So why even start. Looking at a blank white canvas was intimidating and it was easier just not to start. I often purchased new brushes and paints because I wanted and intended to paint however I was just crippled with fear with all the “What if's” going on in my head and could not bring myself to start. Then I would eventually pack up my art supplies and relegate them to the garage.

Flora Bowley B-L-O-O-M and grow with flow and ease – Yes Please!

Paradise - One of my canvases from the workshop
I was thrilled to get an email from The Teahouse Studio in Berkeley, CA to let me know that a place on Flora Bowley’s workshop had become available and would I like to take it. Yes was my reply done in seconds. I was thrilled, I was on a wait list and so wanted to experience a Flora workshop. I had read so much about her workshops and love her work however every workshop I was interested in was sold out for just about the whole year – wow, I was disappointed until I got this spot.