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Affordable Original Abstract Modern Art For Sale

Abstract 45 by Vanessa Katz © 2012
Yellow and Blue by Vanessa Katz © 2012
Black and Blue by Vanessa Katz © 2012

It is a dream of mine to make available affordable ORIGINAL abstract modern art for sale so that everyone can choose to have original art hanging on their walls.

In order to be able to offer this I have  opened my own Etsy Shop.

You can find it HERE.


I have some very large  canvases that I have sold and some for sale on my main website here and I love to create large pieces however these are obviously quite a bit more expensive.

Creating Your Own Artist’s Studio

Many people are fascinated by artist’s studios / workspaces and I am often asked by clients if they can come and see my studio and I am delighted to oblige. I am also hoping that some of the things I suggest may be helpful to other artists to give them ideas of how they might set things up. We are all individuals and work in different ways so ultimately you need to find what works for you.