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Affordable Original Abstract Modern Art For Sale

Abstract 45 by Vanessa Katz © 2012
Yellow and Blue by Vanessa Katz © 2012
Black and Blue by Vanessa Katz © 2012

It is a dream of mine to make available affordable ORIGINAL abstract modern art for sale so that everyone can choose to have original art hanging on their walls.

In order to be able to offer this I have  opened my own Etsy Shop.

You can find it HERE.


I have some very large  canvases that I have sold and some for sale on my main website here and I love to create large pieces however these are obviously quite a bit more expensive.

Became a Member of Daily Painters Abstract Gallery

Circles In The Sand by Vanessa Katz

I just joined Daily Painters Abstract Gallery and posted my first canvas on their site. I chose a simple colorful very minimal abstract that I have just finished titled ” Circles In The Sand”. It measures 20 x 16 x 1.5″ and is gallery wrapped with the sides painted to match the canvas. I used the Golden Open acrylic paints with this piece. They are much slower drying and behave more like oils. This gives a very smooth creamy appearance with rich dramatic color density. If you have not tried them yet you are in for a treat

What to consider when you purchase art work

So brilliantly said by Rebekah Joy Plett and so appreciated and so true.

It is a very interesting journey creating art and then putting it out for the world to see and baring your soul. The doubts, the fear, the blocks, and the frustrations. Hopefully there is much joy too. Then after all that there is the marketing. You can have wonderful works in your studio and no-one knows about them so in order to publish your work you need to also master the Internet, be able to create a website and a blog, list your works on various sites, master SEO, set up purchasing options etc. After all that you still may not be found and might choose to engage in social networking. Oh my with all that going on when might you have time to paint!