Became a Member of Daily Painters Abstract Gallery

Circles In The Sand by Vanessa Katz

I just joined Daily Painters Abstract Gallery and posted my first canvas on their site. I chose a simple colorful very minimal abstract that I have just finished titled ” Circles In The Sand”. It measures 20 x 16 x 1.5″ and is gallery wrapped with the sides painted to match the canvas. I used the Golden Open acrylic paints with this piece. They are much slower drying and behave more like oils. This gives a very smooth creamy appearance with rich dramatic color density. If you have not tried them yet you are in for a treat

New representation by Xanadu Gallery for abstract artist Vanessa Katz

I am thrilled to have new representation by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and to be featured in their new art catalogue. They have featured a very large abstract I recently finished titled “Behind The Buddha”. Just click on the link below titled “Vanessa Katz featured in Xanadu Gallery” and you will be able to view the entire art catalogue and see all the art work – it is a feast for the eyes and the soul. See what calls to you and that you love.

What are you waiting for to live your dream? Just make it happen!

It has been my dream for a long time now to move my painting studio into my retreat but I was afraid and wondered if I could justify it to myself and my husband. When I saw this little picture online it really hit me – what am I waiting for? Why am I not just going for it? I do not want to be confined in a box, not now, not ever! Of course the only person getting in my way was Me! When I shared my dream with my husband, he immediately said “Why not”. It is truly wonderful to have such a supportive partner.

Striking Modern Abstract Landscape

Fresh out of my studio just completed this striking abstract landscape. I wanted to create a peaceful minimal abstract for a modern master bedroom. She is called “Slumber My Darling”.

I also wanted it to be imposing so chose to create this on two canvases as a diptych to create a large piece when joining the two canvases together. Each canvas was 24 x 30 and therefore the finished piece is 60″ in length.

Two Beautiful New Landscapes from Chris Cozen

Landscape by Chris Cozen

This is a gorgeous new landscape from talented artist Chris Cozen. She writes on her blog here entitled “Landscapes from my mind…” “It doesn't matter if it won't rain in Southern California for another 6 months, because if I want rain or a storm, I can paint one!”. Well said Chris, that is one of the many joys about creating that you can make it however you choose – sunny, cloudy, hazy or whatever may happen as you paint.

What to consider when you purchase art work

So brilliantly said by Rebekah Joy Plett and so appreciated and so true.

It is a very interesting journey creating art and then putting it out for the world to see and baring your soul. The doubts, the fear, the blocks, and the frustrations. Hopefully there is much joy too. Then after all that there is the marketing. You can have wonderful works in your studio and no-one knows about them so in order to publish your work you need to also master the Internet, be able to create a website and a blog, list your works on various sites, master SEO, set up purchasing options etc. After all that you still may not be found and might choose to engage in social networking. Oh my with all that going on when might you have time to paint!

Flora Bowley B-L-O-O-M and grow with flow and ease – Yes Please!

Paradise - One of my canvases from the workshop
I was thrilled to get an email from The Teahouse Studio in Berkeley, CA to let me know that a place on Flora Bowley’s workshop had become available and would I like to take it. Yes was my reply done in seconds. I was thrilled, I was on a wait list and so wanted to experience a Flora workshop. I had read so much about her workshops and love her work however every workshop I was interested in was sold out for just about the whole year – wow, I was disappointed until I got this spot.

Creating Your Own Artist’s Studio

Many people are fascinated by artist’s studios / workspaces and I am often asked by clients if they can come and see my studio and I am delighted to oblige. I am also hoping that some of the things I suggest may be helpful to other artists to give them ideas of how they might set things up. We are all individuals and work in different ways so ultimately you need to find what works for you.

How to work with Golden Open Acrylics

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop experimenting with Golden Open Acrylics by Chris Cozen.

These open acrylics were created to remain workable for longer periods of time than the regular heavy body and fluid acrylics. They are formulated with an optimum balance of pigment load and 100% acrylic polymer dispersion to produce a paint with a uniquely relaxed set of working characteristics and a versatility that allows artists to explore a wider range of techniques such as portraiture and landscape painting that rely on softening, shading, glazing and creating fine detail. They remain wet on the palette for extended periods and you can mix them with any other Golden mediums and paints to reduce their open time or you can mix them with specially formulated Open Mediums to keep them workable for the maximum time. There is even an Open Thinner which will make the paint workable again once it has begun to dry.

Living Your Passion, Pursuing Your Dreams and Filling Your Heart and Soul with Joy

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