Vanessa HS with Self Portrait I named this blog Right to The Soul as I wanted to write about those things in life that we experience that we feel deeply and we feel right in the depths of our heart and soul. You know that feeling. I feel that way over certain music or a certain painting or a special connection with another person. As far as I am concerned the more we can feel this way the better for all of us.

As an artist I think the only thing that is important is if a person loves a painting and it fills their heart with joy and it touches their soul and that is what I hope to create with my paintings. Everyone is so different with their own taste and one painting might sing to them and to another there is no connection. Art is so personal and all that matters is that you love the piece and hopefully when it is hanging in your house or office it will bring you joy every time you see it.

To me there is no wrong or right in art – it is just about what you love.

I love to paint and create – I love everything about it, the smell and feel of the paint and the opportunity and freedom to express my emotions in any abstract way. There are no rules and I give myself permission to play, experiment and have fun every time I paint. It is such a joy and hopefully I can pass that joy on to the new owner of a painting. I am following my passion and living my dream and I hope to inspire you to do the same. This is no dress rehearsal – this is it – make time now to do the things you love.

I was born and raised in England and now reside in sunny  Southern California with my gorgeous husband and two dogs, Mango and Teddy.

I also love everything Apple, especially my iPad (I am officially addicted!), great coffee and food (my daughter works on The Food Network – tv producer – so proud), great movies and books  and am so grateful for my life.

I am delighted and honored that you took time to visit and view and support my creative journey and I look forward to connecting with you and hearing about you and your life.

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing

Vanessa ♥

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    1. Ryan, thank you so much. It would be wonderful for you to become a customer soon – I look forward to the day!!! I will keep painting to give you more choice!!

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